Intensive italian courses - Learn faster in Florence!


Do you know that the modern Italian language is based on the Florentine dialect spoken by Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio in the 14th century?

So, if you want to learn Italian well but in a short time, the best thing to do is to come to Florence, choose one of our courses and, immerse yourself in a completely Italian environment.

With ABC School you can choose between different intensive italian courses in Florence (Italy), the language classes take place daily, from Monday to Friday, in classes where the maximum number of students reaches 8 students per class.

Small groups and learning methods of our establishment allow our students to gain with ease a good knowledge of grammatical structures and vocabulary, to practice the material learnt in classes and to start speaking Italian within several days from the beginning of the course.

Our Standard group course includes 20 classes in one week and provides an ideal foundation for the learning of the language. It is ideal if you also wish to have some spare time to explore the city, do some shopping or pursue your own agenda.

If you want to study more, there is the Intensive group course, which includes 30 lessons per week in classes with maximum of 8 students, or the Super Intensive Course.

If you study Italian for professional reasons, you need to learn a specific aspect of the language, or if you need to prepare for any Italian language exams, you can choose a Combined course with group classes in the morning and individual lessons in the afternoon.

There is also a possibility of taking individual courses- it is possible to provide specific times that suit you, and themes that you would like to learn about, creating a personalised course just for you.

Duetto courses (two students and a teacher) and Trietto courses (three students and a teacher) are dedicated to small groups of friends with the same level of Italian that would like to study together. Even in this case it is possible to choose weekly hours that suit you.

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In the afternoon, after classes, our school activities give you the opportunity to get to know various aspects of the Italian culture, to explore Florence and Italy and to continue to speak Italian with other teachers and students: we visit museums and monuments, we walk and go to dinner together, we organise tasting sessions or seminars on various aspects of the Italian culture.

ABC School is closed on Saturdays, but you can participate in field trips in another Tuscan cities, or visit museums and parks.


We can also help you find accommodation in Florence.

There are single or double rooms in shared apartments with Italian families, or with other students.

If you are interested to see how Italians live and to get extra practice with speaking the language during dinner, we recommend a room with half pension.

However, if you prefer to be independent, we recommend a room with the use of kitchen (in this case you can shop and cook for yourself), or with breakfast included (but you will not have the access to the kitchen), which can limit the relationships with the other tenants.

If you would like to be completely independent, you can choose a small apartment with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen where you can live on your own.

For more information about the school and our offers consult our website, or contact us directly if you have precise questions.